Air Conditioning

Rely on Our Full-Service HVAC Company in Yakima, WA

Rely on Our Full-Service HVAC Company in Yakima, WA

Offering All the Air Conditioning Services You Might Need

Need to replace your outdated heat pump? Looking into ductless mini-split systems? You've come to the right place. Spartan Heating and Air Conditioning LLC provides comprehensive air conditioning services in Yakima, WA and the surrounding area.

We specialize in new construction installations and unit replacements. Although we can work with any make and model, we prefer to install American Standard products because of their quality.

Request a free estimate on air conditioning services today.

When should you hire a pro?

In the following scenarios, it would be wise to call on us for...

AC maintenance services:

  • Your unit is running inefficiently.
  • Your utility bills are unusually high.
  • You want to extend the service life of your unit.

AC repair services:

  • Your unit has broken down.
  • You've noticed smoke in your ductwork.
  • Excessive moisture or ice is collecting on your unit.

We can troubleshoot your equipment, perform diagnostic testing and replace worn-out parts to resolve your HVAC issues. Call 509-790-7624 now to speak with an AC maintenance and repair specialist in Yakima, WA.